Host an Exchange Student


“This completes my third year hosting as a double placement, and I would not even consider a placement through any other agency. The three of us got along delightfully and learned a lot about each of our respective countries, customs and culture.”

Lane from Washington, USA

“This was our first experience. Everything went very smoothly for us. My husband, who was pretty nervous about the whole idea [of hosting], loved the experience. He texted me the morning our exchange student left and thanked me for the good idea and going forward. School wasn’t easy for her, but our student was VERY studious and committed.”

Laurie and Glenn from Montana, USA

“Our biggest reward is that we built such an amazing friendship and feel like we gained another daughter. Our children learned about different cultures and how to be better communicators. They also developed lifelong friendships. It was amazing to see our student embrace the American way of life. Every day was an adventure that she looked forward to waking up to. NWSE was there for us during the whole experience to guide us if we needed help and to ensure that the students were following rules. You will never regret this experience, it’s one of the best things we have done and so rewarding.”

Julie and Kelly from Utah, USA

“It is amazing how fast the students adapt to your home life and become just like your own son or daughter. They have personalities that bring a lot of different perspectives to your lives. They may make you step back and look differently at something. The biggest reward is when they start treating you like a real parent. If you want a cultural experience and love the family atmosphere this is for you.”

Mark from Utah, USA

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